Electro-Rock Music Blurs the Barriers Between Rock and Pop

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Long gone are the days when differentiating punk-rock from pop or electronic music was easy. Many artists are now crossing genres’ boundaries by creating new sub-genres that combine these three styles in surprising ways. In the alternative rock scene, this … Continue reading

On The Radar: Closure In Moscow

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  Contrary to what the band’s name might tell us, Closure In Moscow was conceived in Melbourne, Australia. Five high school friends -Chris DeCinque (vocals), Mansur Zennelli (guitar, vocals), Michael Barrett (guitar), Brad Kimber (bass) and Beau McKee (drums)- formed … Continue reading

Genres, sub-genres and the short history behind pop-punk

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When Alan Freed first used the words “rock ‘n’ roll” to describe the new genre of music that was coming of age in the 50’s, he probably didn’t think about all the sub-genres it would create. Or maybe he did, … Continue reading