I’m not going to the Warped Tour. Trick #1

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The Warped Tour has started, and you’re desperate. There is no way for you to catch this amazing summer festival. It’s sad, but don’t give up! Even though you’re not there in person, there are still ways to know what’s … Continue reading

Online Auction of Rockin’ Plectrums

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Two weeks ago, I was strolling around Spring Street in New York City and my eyes caught sight of a beautiful shop window. This window was entirely covered with framed pictures of rock bands and each of these frames included … Continue reading

The Producers Series: Mike Green

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Who: I believe Mike Green is less “known” than the other producers I talked about in this series (read, “it was harder to find information about him”) but he has a talent for finding unknown bands, produce their first full-length … Continue reading

Genres, sub-genres and the short history behind pop-punk

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When Alan Freed first used the words “rock ‘n’ roll” to describe the new genre of music that was coming of age in the 50’s, he probably didn’t think about all the sub-genres it would create. Or maybe he did, … Continue reading