Hello, yes this blog has drowned into a coma for the past year or so but due to its reason for existing in the first place, I had to post this and relay the news (well, it’s been two weeks now so it’s not exactly “new”.)

The greatest pop-punk band of the decade is back from its four years hiatus, ladies and gentlemen please welcome back FALL OUT BOY !

ImageThe new album Save Rock And Roll (originally scheduled for release in May) will now be out on April 15th and 16th worldwide.

Meanwhile, Fall Out Boy have embarked on a promotional tour across the globe with spare and selected dates hitting small venues in three cities in the US two weeks ago, and now going to Europe and Australia. The band will be going through a full US tour from May as well as some festival dates this summer. If you didn’t buy your ticket the day they went on sale, I’m sorry for you because it is obviously too late as all headline dates have sold out the minute they went on sale (you still have the festivals). More dates will probably be announced soon.

Sisters and brothers, let’s gather and rejoice !

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