Chad Gilbert: “Why pop-punk’s not dead”

For pop-punk fans, 2011 has been a really good year. Genuine bands are releasing challenging records, exciting tours are popping up almost everywhere and the words “pop-punk’s not dead” resurfaced with more vigor than ever. In this regard, New Found Glory‘s Chad Gilbert wrote a piece for AP‘s website on why pop-punk still matters for fans and bands that didn’t only try to surf on its mainstream wave.

“The downfall to a style of music getting so big so fast is that the record labels see dollar signs. They were signing anything and everything wearing cargo shorts and spiked hair that could jump up and down with a guitar. It all became a trend. That’s what pop-punk was to a lot of people: a big fad that would go away. I don’t blame those people, though—I blame the bands. Because what happened? As soon as the mainstream was done and over with the “pop-punk” thing, a lot of the bands that fit the bill started morphing like chameleons to whatever was next. Changing up their sound and maybe their style to be what they saw as relevant. Other bands just broke up. Maybe it made sense business-wise for some of them. To us, it just reaffirmed to the doubters the opinion that pop-punk—the reason anything and everything good had ever happened to us—was something that could be disposed of so easily.


So if people are still supporting us, then why do we want to spread the word that “Pop-Punk’s Not Dead”? It mostly stemmed from comments I would hear or even see posted on the internet, like, “People still listen to pop-punk?” or “I used to love pop-punk, but then I grew up.” The out-of-sight, out-of-mind mentality is what has been trying to kill our genre of music. This isn’t a dead genre, and just because there isn’t a song on the radio to clarify that shouldn’t matter.”

The full piece can be found here.


One thought on “Chad Gilbert: “Why pop-punk’s not dead”

  1. Pop punk is gonna be the next big thing again, at least the hipster version (Man Overboard, Title Fight etc) Can’t wait for fun pop punk to be cool again

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