Upcoming Releases: New Found Glory, Mayday Parade, We Are The In Crowd

Here is a quick runthrough of the upcoming releases from New Found Glory, Mayday Parade and We Are The In Crowd.

October 4th – New Found Glory, Radiosurgery

Pop-punk veterans New Found Glory are back for their seventh album with an 11-tracks record called Radiosurgery. The album was produced by Neil Avron (previous NFG records, Yellowcard, Four Year Strong) and will be released via Epitaph Records, that also released their 2010 album Not Without A Fight. The cool -or bad, according to the point of view- thing about NFG is that they don’t change a lot over time, even though guitarist Chad Gilbert would say the exact opposite. I think that you don’t even need to hear the entire to album to be familiar with its sound, energy and sunny pop-punk feel. If you like this school of pop-punk, Radiosurgery is a safe bet. Otherwise, you can play a very annoying game and stream the entire album on AP’s website. You can also watch the video for the first single “Radiosurgery” below.

Track Listing:

1. Radiosurgery
2. Anthem for the Unwanted
3. Drill It In My Brain
4. I’m Not the One
5. Ready, Aim, Fire!
6. Dumped
7. Summer Fling, Don’t Mean a Thing
8. Caught In The Act
9. Memories and Battle Scars
10. Trainwreck
11. Map Of Your Body

October 4th – Mayday Parade, Mayday Parade

I don’t like the idea of self-titled records. I see it as either a lack of creativity or as the laziness of a band who opted for the easy way out. Another problem with self-titled albums is that they are easily forgivable. Sometimes I don’t know if I actually forgot the name of an album, or if that’s because the album doesn’t have a proper name. On top of that, I don’t like writing about a self-titled record because it can be very confusing and not very stylish. Anyway, Mayday Parade‘s new album, called Mayday Parade (see, it doesn’t sound right!) was produced by Kenneth Mount and Zack Odom so it’s easy to say the band did not embark on a foreign territorywith their third full-length. Most songs remind of A Lesson In Romantics and Anywhere But Here, with the difference that, at time, they sound like those big radio-rock songs that you listen to while driving in the desert between sand dunes. One problem is that most of them are melancholy-driven songs and listening to the entire album at once can make you sad. You can stream the entire album on AOL and listen to the first single “Oh Well, Oh Well” below.

Track Listing:

1. Oh Well, Oh Well
2. No Heroes Allowed
3. When You See My Friends
4. You’re Dead Wrong
5. Priceless
6. Stay
7. Call Me Hopeless, Not Romantic
8. A Shot Across the Bow
9. Everything’s An Ilusion
10. I’d Rather Make Mistakes Than Make Nothing At All
11. Without The Bitter The Sweet Isn’t As Sweet
12. Happy Endings Are Stories That Haven’t Ended Yet

October 4th – We Are The In Crowd, Best Intentions

Look what we’ve got, another Mount/Odom-produced album out tomorrow! (By the way, Mayday and WATIC will also be touring together on The Noise Tour in the US.) Back to the album now: Best Intentions is We Are The In Crowd‘s first full-length and will be released through Hopeless Records. I like this band’s energy and the duality of female/male voices serve them well. I haven’t heard the whole album, but from what I did hear, the songs are enjoyable tunes that don’t stray too far from the band’s first EP Guaranteed To Disagree. Once again, you can stream the entire album online on MTV’s website and listen to the song “Rumor Mill” below.

Track Listing:

1. Rumor Mill
2. This Isn’t Goodbye, It’s BRB
3. The Worst Thing About Me
4. Kiss Me Again
5. On Your Own
6. All Or Nothing
7. Exits And Entrances
8. See You Around
9. You’ve Got It Made
10. Better Luck Next Time


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