Upcoming releases: Madina Lake, Polar Bear Club, Man Overboard, blink-182

Here is a quick runthrough of the upcoming releases from Madina Lake, Polar Bear Club, Man Overboard and blink-182.

September, 13th – Madina Lake, World War III

It’s been a while since we heard new Madina Lake music, notably after bassist Matthew Leone’s serious injuries last year, so it was good to hear that Leone had recovered and that the band is back on the music track, with their third album releasing this fall. Three out of World War III‘s 12 tracks were already in The Dresden Codex, an EP the band released at the end of last year, including the first single “Hey Superstar.” Except for the fact this album will be their first on Razor & Tie (From Them Through Us To You and Attics To Eden were on Roadrunner Records), there seems to be no big changes to Madina Lake’s sound: uplifting choruses, electronic sounds and a feeling you are on another planet with a metallic suit on, and strange creatures walking around you.

Track Listing:
1. Howdy Neighbor!
2. Imagineer
3. They’re Coming For Me
4. Hey Superstar
5. Fireworks
6. Across 5 Oceans
7. We Got This
8. What It Is To Wonder
9. Heroine
10. Blood Red Flags
11. Take Me or Leave
12. The Great Divide

September 13th – Polar Bear Club, Clash Battle Guilt Pride

Whether it is because you’ve got “Living Saints” stuck in your head, or because you are following closely punk bands like The Swellers, Four Year Strong and The Gaslight Anthem, Polar Bear Club‘s new album is for you. The band already unveiled a couple of songs from their upcoming album on an EP released in early August, The View, The Life EP, that included “Killin’ It” and “Screams In Caves.” The new album Clash Battle Guilt Pride has already received glowing reviews from AP Magazine and Kerrang! magazine, who both praised quality songwriting that let through raw feelings of struggle and hope, and the raspy, live-quality voice of singer Jimmy Stadt. On top of it, Bridge Nine Records is releasing the record on red, gold and translucent blue vinyl!

Track Listing:
1. Pawner
2. Killin’ It
3. Screams In Caves
4. Kneel On Nails
5. My Best Days
6. Life Between The Lines
7. I’ll Never Leave New york
8. Bottled Wind
9. Slow Roam
10. Religion On The Radio
11. 3-4 Tango

September 27th – Man Overboard – Man Overboard

The recent months have seen the rise of new pop-punk idols who took particular pride in breathing new life into the genre, sometimes polluted by dull and boring music. Man Overboard is one of them. Earlier this year, the band quit Run For Cover Records to join Rise Records, a surprising move from both sides knowing the kind of music Rise generally represent. But armed with this new deal, the band is about to release a self-titled album, co-produced by New Found Glory’s Steve Klein and Jesse Cannon. The first single “Dead End Dreams” already gives a sense of how the album sounds like: expect lyrics about boys/girls relationships, a New Found Glory sound and the will to defend pop-punk the best they can.

Track Listing:
1. Rare
2. Teleport
3. Voted Most Likely
4. Dead End Dreams
5. Somethings Weird
6. Punishment
7. Not The First
8. Headstone
9. Spunn
10. Picture Perfect
11. Night Feelings
12. Atlas

September 27th – blink-182, Neighborhoods

I think there is no need to explain what this album represents for the pop-punk music scene. Blink-182‘s reunion announcement more than two years ago provoked many tears, screams of joy and an eagerness from fans to hear new music. But the band had us waiting for two years, while they were touring and preparing the most-awaited album of the year. And of course, secret is the most important word surrounding the release of the new album. Nobody has heard the whole album except for the band and a few people working on it. According to this month’s Alternative Press cover story about blink-182Neighborhoods was still going through the mixing phase at press time. But some songs have been unveiled, such as the first single “Up All Night,” released during the summer as well as “Heart’s All Gone.” The band is currently playing new songs on the Honda Civic Tour, so be ready to be assailed by videos of their new songs everywhere on YouTube.

Track Listing (subject to change):
1. Ghost on the Dance Floor
2. A La Mode
3. This is Home
4. Snake Charmer
5. MH 4.18.2011
6. Even if She Falls
7. You Too
8. Up All Night
9. After Midnight
10. Natives
Deluxe Edition:
11. Kaleidoscope
12. Fighting the Gravity
13. Heart’s All Gone


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