The Maine plays an acoustic set live on Youtube

Music is globalized, but it’s not for that reason that someone who lives in mainland Europe will get to see their favorite American bands play in their country. Even though no remedy had been found to this, YouTube Live Stream seems virtually close to it.

Earlier on tonight, The Maine as well as Austin Gibbs and This Century played an “acoustic” set that was broadcasted live on The Maine’s official YouTube Channel.

The “acoustic” was not really acoustic as This Century used a keyboard and The Maine started off with Jared playing on an electric guitar. The Maine played three songs, two of them being covers of Angus and Julia Stone‘s “Big Jet Plane” and Nirvana‘s “Polly.” The last song was a surprising version of their song “Everything I Ask For” that had a Jack Jonhson-esque guitar and folky feel to it. The overall live show was short but nice. Nice as in “I am watching a good YouTube video of a band that I like.”

And to me, that’s the problem with live streaming. Sure, it’s a great progress: people from all over the world can watch a live event at the same time, without having to go out and without having to pay. Cool. But I don’t really see the difference between watching a video and watching a live stream on YouTube. In both case, you’re in front of the computer, probably doing other things, being distracted by people, pets and what not, and not paying full attention to the video you’re watching. In both case, you don’t feel like you’re there with the performer. The experience associated with going to a show is left out. I am not even talking of quality problems: things like blurry or frozen images and a crackling sound.

I can think of one difference between live streaming and uploaded videos. In the former, there is usually a live chat that enables you to talk with other people while you are watching this live event. But for that particular live stream, it was completely useless. It seemed like people had their keyboards blocked on caps (ex: “YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN?”) and their vocabulary stopped on band members’ name spelled with way too many letters. (ex: “GARRREETTTTTT!!!”)

I hear you asking me, “If you don’t see the point in live streaming, why did you watch this one?” Well first, because I wanted background music to do work. Then, because I was looking for inspiration for a new blog post. Oh, wait, this is something useful to live streaming!

On another note, isn’t it funny to look at old pictures?

The Maine in 2007-08

The Maine in 2010-11


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